About us

LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR, based in Agde, in France’s Languedoc region, was established by two pharmacists passionate about the richness of the plant world. LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR is not about marketing ploys. Our position is summed up in the section ‘Our philosophy’. We believe in high quality raw materials, working in the partnership with producers who refuse to compromise on quality in terms of the manufacturing process and a demand for quality in the production of cosmetics.

LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR is developing products in every domain: therapeutic, cosmetic, well-being and simple enjoyment.

The new concept of ‘therapeutic supplements’

Priority 1: SAFETY

Your well-being is a precious and unique asset. For this reason we treat it with all the care it deserves, and employ every safety precaution so as to avoid any allergic reactions. Our products are:

  • Produced using maximum safety precautions so as to avoid any allergic reaction.
  • Alcohol-free to prevent burns.
  • Free from animal products.
  • Free from colorants and additives.
  • Free from industrially manufactured products for example, mineral oils, paraben, penoxyethanol and quaternary ammoniums such as lauryl.
  • Free from all synthetic substances.


We come from nature not industrial chemistry…
From the dawn of time the human body has been in contact with products coming from the natural world which we ourselves are a part of. The body recognises and appreciates these living substances which are, for many, beneficial. Even the most efficient compounds produced by modern industrial chemistry, and in particular the petroleum industry, are considered foreign bodies and the body will sometimes reject them.
In general these products come from the petroleum industry. Petroleum originally comes from living substances which have subsequently been fossilised and transformed by decomposition. Products produced using petroleum cannot therefore bring any additional ‘living’ benefits to the body.
These inanimate substances are, without doubt, highly useful to other inanimate objects, allowing them to exert a mechanical activity, one which, unfortunately leads to pollution and entropy of the environment (as the second law of thermodynamics teaches).

Our aromatherapy ranges use pure, natural, essential oil chemotypes and virgin vegetable oils extracted only by cold-pressing, drawing on medical expertise and state-of-the-art research carried out by scientists passionate about nature.

The only carriers used by LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR are fragrance-free unrefined virgin vegetable oils and 100% pure and natural essential oil chemotypes.
Whilst some boast about using up to 30% vegetable oils, AGAT’HE’s pure, natural synergies contain up to 97%, of sometimes rare vegetable oils, which are used as carriers and much more besides. Each of these vegetable oils has its own specific properties; analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, restorative, cicatrisant, offering protection from direct sunlight etc.


  • Conclusive testing, natural greatness, and aromatherapy which is family oriented and medically based.
  • A concentrated solution of aromatic actives, present in balanced quantities consistent with the body’s needs, designed to achieve the optimum level of well-being.
  • A sophisticated blending technique which combines natural ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The blending and balance of ingredients are determined by tradition and pharmaceutical knowledge for optimal effectiveness.


Even after decantation and three successive filtrations, certain virgin vegetable oils are naturally dark in colour. The fragrance and texture of these oils are often less refined than those of certain industrially-manufactured, commercialised products.
The ecological and rustic side of the LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR’s aromatherapy range is closely linked to its demand that only natural products be used. The effectiveness and safety of our aromatic treatments is guaranteed by our use of 100% natural products.
Don’t forget that any product which has been chemically refined will have a stable, consistent fragrance and colour and will therefore be more visually attractive for the consumer. However, behind this appearance hides a potential subtle risk of toxicity, which only becomes evident after the oil has been used for a certain period of time. And then the damage can be significant.
Steam distillation at 100°C results in an inevitable decrease in the quantity and quality of actives (due to the saturation of polyunsaturated fatty acids and their decreased concentration) and the systematic destruction of anti-oxidising vitamin E. The addition of water means that bacterial contamination is always possible during such a process, even when it is well controlled. This can be avoided if antibacterial additives are used to sterilise the composition.
The same is true for the refining process, the use of solvents and the addition of mineral oils.

AGAT’HE is a range of paramedical cosmetic products, already well-known in the medical field and dispensed in pharmacies as products designed for comfort and well-being.

These products are not medecine. They simply aim to improve the well-being of those people who put their trust in natural products. Nevertheless their recognised benefits and properties can often compliment and reinforce medical treatment. They are therapeutic supplements, similar to dietary supplements which are already widely acclaimed.
This concept is at the heart of LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR’s philosophy.
In order to satisfy their demands for quality, LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR has banned all unnatural methods and has made traditional methods innovative.


LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR aims to combine an effective treatment with pleasure.
For example, a synergy for healthy joints combines the strong green fragrances from aldehydes with the oil’s natural salicyclates. For purely cosmetic synergies, skin moisturisers, facial, body care, anti-cellulite and anti-age treatments remedies which bring some pleasure are suitable.

The fusion of scientific precision and pure subtle fragrances and textures is naturally an integral part of LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR’s philosophy which works for your well-being.