Supplier to aromatic healthcare professionals and informed consumers of high-quality products, LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR constantly seeks to offer the highest quality products and to choose the best aromatic batches for its AGAT’HE range.

All of the essential oils used in the creation of synergies have the following properties:

  • They are local products created using artisan expertise, a combination of tradition, science and a precious heritage regulated by the standards imposed by organic farming and the demands of modern therapeutics.
  • LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR chooses only natural essential oils distillated by small producers with a quality label and in compliance with clear specifications. The quality of the products is based on the guarantee of organic, eco-friendly farming methods. All essential oils extracted by large-scale industrial distillation processes are therefore unsuitable. Cultivations must not have been exposed to cocktails of chemical fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or other potentially harmful chemicals..
    It is essential that the plants be cultivated with care, by people who respect nature.

We insist that all of our oils be certified organic. This is first and foremost key to producing a therapeutic grade oil. Our choice also highlights the importance of eco-friendly and ethical practices.
In these conditions a plant is much more likely to become rich in sophisticated active principles and not to remain a mere unrefined organic compound with few beneficial properties.

  • Our essential oils are guaranteed 100% pure and natural. They have not been mixed with solvents, diluted, terpenated, modified, rectified, reconstituted etc.
  • The plants and therefore the essential oils have their own complete, authentic “identity card”:
  • Botanical identity: the latin name must be provided( the species defined by the genus and completed by the variety) as well as the part of the plant used (entire plant, flower, leaf, root, bark, pine-needles) due to the fact that the biochemical composition of the essential oil varies greatly depending on the part of the plant used.
  • Biochemical identity: Chemotypes; all of the oils in the products have a known biochemical composition which is identified using gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. These modern quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques are essential as they reveal the potential therapeutic properties of the essential oil.
  • Geographic origin and specific regional characteristics: the properties of essential oils vary according to the biotopes from which the plants come i.e. soil type, climate, altitude, exposure to the sun etc.
  • Farming method: wildcrafting, organic etc
  • Full traceability, from the field to the consumer, allows for an irreproachable quality control of the essential oils.
  • Our essential oils are extracted exclusively by steam distillation, at low pressure and the lowest possible temperature, over a sufficiently long period of time, in small stills which allow all of the volatile fractions to be extracted and, at the same time, all the therapeutic properties to be transferred.Citrus oils are extracted by cold pressing to avoid over-oxidation and the aromatic molecules being damaged.

This process is influenced by our desire for excellence and represents LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR philosophy.

At the request of LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR the choice of raw materials and manufacturing techniques is controlled, and the range is subject to the scientific approval of AROMA-SCIENCES. Today it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid when possible the chemicals found in particular in certain cosmetics, creams, dyes and perfumes. The same is the case for children to protect them from certain illnesses which could subsequently develop during adulthood. We should therefore remain cautious with regard to ‘bottom-end’ cosmetics which may be attractive in terms of their price and, but for which you may pay a heavy price later.
It is for this reason that AROMA-SCIENCES is meticulous and makes well-informed choices for the AGAT’HE range.

AROMA-SCIENCES is a consulting firm in scientific and medical aromatherapy managed by a Doctor of Pharmacy and highly committed to the academic field. It respects medical regulations and refuses to accept any compromises when it comes to the quality of either raw materials or the finished product.

Whether the product is for therapeutic use or simply for comfort, beauty or well-being, the demand for quality must remain the same.

An essential oil is rarely used on its own. It is preferable to use several essential oils either mixed, or as perfumers and oenologists would say, blended, in order to complement or complete the actions of an oil.
The benefit of a synergy blend is in the enhancement of the desired effects, whether they be therapeutic, cosmetic or other.
If, for example, we have two essential oils, the principle of synergy dictates that using 2ml of only one of the oils will have a lesser effect than a blend containing 1ml of each oil.
However, this principle only works when the essential oils blended together are complementary, and not when the oils are incompatible. It is therefore a job for specialists.
In the synergies created by LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR and its consultant AROMA-SCIENCES the quality of the products is further enhanced.

The products of LABORATOIRES PHYTOPHAR range reveal the powerful treasures that nature has to offer. Whether you want to use AGAT’HE essential oils for its health benefits or for its cosmetic purposes, being aware of the potential benefits and the limits of the oils is the first step towards an improved well-being and serenity: it is the first lesson nature has to offer !